Beautiful Olive Bowl From Spain

My friend Heather, who is teaching English in Barcelona for two years, was home over Christmas and brought me this amazing olive serving dish:


The main bowl is illustrated Aceitunas or olives, the round tubby one on the left is Huesos, literally meaning bones, but here referring to the pits. The thin part on the right is labeled Palillos, or toothpicks. What a perfectly clever olive server! It makes it very easy to put out a small portion of olives at every gathering, without having to remember a lot of accoutrements. It is very much handmade, but sturdy.

She purchased it in the Talvera region, which is known for its ceramics. I found two similar ones for sale on the web, if you are interested, though neither is as great as mine. The first is from a company I know a little about, A Little Corner of Spain. They are a husband and wife importing team, who now live in Stratham, NH. I have purchased their astounding chorizo in the past, and I will never buy the store stuff again. I also love their selection of Spanish olives, and have totally converted to the sweet smoked Paprika they have for sale. Their olive bowl has only one little compartment, but is very beautifully and intricately decorated. The other is from a company I know nothing about, La Tienda, so I can't comment on their reliability or the quality of their products and services, but their olive bowl is very similar to the one I received.


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