My Fav Pastry Brush


This thing has changed my life. (This thing is the 15 inch blue silicone basting brush by ISI, the same people who created the Orca mitt.) I used to avoid pastry brushes and the recipes that called for them. Or I'd figure a weird way around using one that didn't quite do what I needed it to do and took a whole lot of extra work besides. My problem with pastry brushes? They never seemed to be truly clean and their hairs would fall out into my food. Yes, I did buy good quality ones, ones that cost way more than two bucks and came from gourmet markets. It didn't help. They always felt greasy from butter, or had stains from bits of other sauces. And the hairs. Ewwww.

So this one was a revelation. It does a great job of picking up whatever oil or buttery thing I need it to, does a great job of depositing it in a gentle way - even on phyllo. And then when I wash it, it gets clean. Simple things to ask of a pastry brush, really.

I looked around to try to find one for sale for you. Most places they are out of stock (goes to show just how popular they are). But has a fun feature where they will email you once it becomes ready. The better thing to do is support your local gourmet gadget supply store. For us on the seacoast, that is Artichokes.


Anonymous said…
hey sara! its holly. thanks for linking me! I'll add you to my links page if you want...give me your other blog too!
Anonymous said…
I just got two silicone pastry brushes at Target last weekend. I already used one to brush an egg glaze on bagels and it was wonderful! So much nicer than my old bristly, prickly brush. I also just recently acquired a silicone muffin pan and a oven hot that silicone, I do!
Fae said…
When I saw these, my first thought was that the liquid to be brushed wouldn't cling to the bristles very well. I was hoping some food blogger would post about their experience with them. Good to know they work - I'll have to get one now!
ellasmella said…
Couldn't agree with you more - those hairy pastry brushes are deeeesgusting. Plus, they always clump together and bend to one side however carefully you wash them.
I am definitely going to get one of these new fandangled ones that you recommend.

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