What's For Dinner?


This company in Portsmouth, NH has really improved my regular eating habits. Sure, I love to cook. It's what I do. I am into it. But that doesn't mean I have the time or energy to cook everyday. And I do eat out a decent amount. It's the take-out I was looking to cut down on. That busy-week-at-work-no-time-to-shop-crappy-take-out that I (and my waist) didn't need. I have no problem with delivery pizza once and a while, even less of a problem with delivery chinese. But the once in a while was becoming often and I needed something I could count on to be reasonably healthy. And this company does it.

Visit their website, check out the menus. Sign up for a night and choose 12 meals (doubling up to avoid ones you don't like the looks of is ok). Show up for an hour with your own wine if you like, throw pre-prepared ingredients together into foil and other disposable (but generally re-usable) containers and give them $125. You've got 12 meals that serve 2-4 people to throw in your freezer. I generally use two a week, keeping them thawing during week-days, because on weekends I know for sure I'll cook or eat out.

The meals are generally ok to good. Never bad. If anything, they are a bit bland, but when catering to a non-cooking crowd of busy people, most of whom are trying to serve families, it makes sense. Way better than tv dinners. And I know they've been made with real ingredients, no sketchy chemicals or bizarre fillers, because I put them together in a 1-2-3 style production kitchen. It's easy, it's fast, it's really not that expensive because most of the meals are protein heavy, and proteins cost. I'm still trying to talk them into an organic night. They are receptive to the idea, but haven't become so enthused they've done it, yet.


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