Worst Pancake Mix Ever


Krusteaz Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix is the worst pancake mix I've ever had.

I know I shouldn't expect too much from pancake mixes, and I don't. I know I could easily make my own, and all the warning signs about this product were there, but the warning signs are also tricky mirages that make you want to believe things you know in your heart of hearts are impossible. Like good pancake mix for which you only need water.

"Just Add Water" Sigh. I want it so badly. Sunday mornings when I have eggs and milk I am going to make eggs. The pancake mix is for when I don't have those things, I want it for the back-up, for lazy mornings when getting dressed to go out for eggs is too much bother. But the flavor and texture are never right. In this case, worse than ever. The resulting pancakes are gummy. Gummy! And tough and chewy, not light and fluffy. And terribly flavorless. Sigh. Not an ounce of buttermilk flavor, despite the large font in which Buttermilk is written on the package. The only flavor comes from the copious amounts of butter and syrup we dump on these atrocious discs, which they soak up greedily, betraying their desperate dryness.

I know I only have myself to blame, that fate tempted me and I was weak. I can only hope I help you avoid the same awful fate. Our package was 3 1/2 lbs (on sale for 99 cents, yet another sign I failed to heed), so we have many pancakes to choke down before we are freed of our tormenter.


adkcook said…
Hey..I have never done this before, so hopefully it will work.
Anyway, sad about the crappy pancake mix. We all fall into those traps with our eyes wide open...we just hope we will find a diamond in the rough I guess.
Anyway, instead of choking down bad pancakes, you could add a little sugar for tenderness and fold in some beaten egg whites for fluffiness. Of course you probably know this, but I wanted to post! :)
folkie said…
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folkie said…
Umm, sorry about that, I messed up my own comment so I deleted it and am trying again. I meant to say:

Actually, thanks! I hadn't thought about adding sugar to the mix, and am definately going to try it. After all, it can't get any worse!
Anonymous said…
Maybe you had a bad box.
I love these pancakes! They are great for when my family goes camping and we want pancakes over the grill without taking the eggs and milk.
You should try another box before being so harsh.

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