Blood Orange Season - let the gorging begin


At last, blood oranges have reached New England. With those hurricanes and all, I had reason to fear they never would.

For now, I can get organic ones for $2.99/lb at Philbrick's Fresh Market in Portsmouth. Not that bad of a price, as they are always expensive in these parts. The ones I picked up are a bit small, but that is normal for organic v. conventional, and firm and heavy for their size. Often, the first ones of the season are a bit off, it takes a bit for them to warm up, as it were. Perhaps the warm-up period has passed elsewhere, because these are fabulous.

Dark pink, sweet and a little tart, a tinge of raspberry. If you have never had one of these beauties, I almost advise against it, because it will ruin you for other citrus. I adore oranges, and tangerines, and grapefruit, and even pomelos. But if there is a blood orange in sight, forget about it. I can gorge on these things continuously for the months they are around. I know I am gushing and babbling like an idiot, but truly, these are the kings of citrus.


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