Although we aren't usually that pious, B and I for some reason have fallen into the habit of giving up something for Lent. And it has been a very successful exercise for us, not only to remind us of our faith, but also the time period usually helps us give up some awful culinary habit.

The first year it was soda and potato chips, which we had previously consumed in spades. Now we consume them once in a great while, with no ill feelings of deprivation. The second year red meat, the third all meat. Both these years forced us into a healthier balance, and although we are back to eating meat (truly, meat is one of the greatest food groups when it comes to taste), it is not at all an everyday food or a necessary focus of our dinners.

The fourth year we gave up watching re-runs on tv. We'd be gone to Santa Fe during Lent, and I refused giving up any food, no matter how mundane, in the off chance Santa Fe might contain the most interesting example of that food. And our tv habits were abominable. It was such a success we gave up tv altogether, shutting off the cable but keeping our Netflix subscription. We've never been happier, nor more productive.

This year we are off to San Diego for the last week of February, and again, food was not going to make the list of things to give up. But Lent starts next week and we were scrambling for ideas. So, with inspiration from our friends, we decided to add a healthy habit.

We are going for five servings of fruits and vegetables. Since I haven't reviewed the newest food guide, this is based on the old one. We are fairly indulgent and not very conscious of our health, so this is an appropriate Lenten task. Hopefully it will have the same long-term benefits as other years.

The only thing left is to make sure we understand what constitutes a fruit or vegetable.

Debates have already ensued.

Juice? No
Olives? No
But what about black beans? They are beans after all, but somehow I am unsure. Any ideas?


Anonymous said…
Hey...yay for more fruits and veggies!
Beans are NOt a veggie. They are totally a protein.

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