Failing Lent

I am failing Lent. B was doing really good, would get up and eat 5 bananas, or 5 apples, or 5 grapefruits, and then get on with his day. You and I know that wasn't the intention, but in his individual B style, that was really good. Then we went on vacation, and he started following my slovenly example.

I should have followed his example. It would be 7 o'clock at night and I'd still need to eat three servings.

I have never failed at Lent before, and the first lesson learned is that it is easier to give up a bad habit than add a good one. (Wait, maybe I've learned this lesson before. Something about excercise.)

But still, I am totally dissapointed. Too bad Lent isn't in the summer. In the summer I eat very little other than fresh organic veggies from the farm I work on. In the winter, my favorite foods aren't environmentaly responsible. Nor do they taste very good.

Cheese tastes good in the winter. As does bacon.

Alas alack.

In a month more it will be as close as we get to asparagus season here in NH, we'll be able to get some from New Jersey. And then it is downhill from there - greens of all sorts, followed by peas, then rhubarb and so on. Until after Thanksgiving I will eat locally, and well.

Perhaps the lesson I can learn is to bust out the canner this summer, and put up some of those excess Brandywines. Then next winter perhaps . . .

But the sun is now out over twelve hours a day, and there is no need to think about next winter. Now it is time to start those tomato seedlings, and dream of sun-warmed tomatos eaten out of hand like apples.


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