Mexican candied vegetables in San Diego

I had never seen anything like them before, so when we stumbled into La Panaderia, at Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town San Diego, looking for an afternoon snack, they are what we bought (along with a divine Mexican hot chocolate, really rich and creamy with a good flavor, not Ibarra - though I like Ibarra, this was just way better).


We tried the calabaza (a type of pumpkin) and the camote (sweet potato).


The camote was the clear favorite, both for its flavor, but more importantly the texture. The calabaza was too soft, and retained a bit of the stringy texture of some winter squash.


The camote had a firm exterior, giving a nice contrast to its soft interior. It was also more fun because it looked like a whole sweet potato.


Here is some info on calabazas as well as a recipe for calabaze en tache from Diana Kennedy, the woman in the know when it comes to all good food things Mexican.



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