Second Sunday Supper Club, April

Apologies to those who read this from afar, we are starting a pot-luck supper club, eventually you will reap the benefit with pictures and recipes.

The idea for the supper club has been kickin' around for awhile, and the time feels right to get the show on the road. We thought we'd start out using this blog as home-base, see how that works for awhile for a communication medium.

So the concept: a once a month pot-luck, always on the second sunday, faily early start (4ish? 5ish?) to just have a relaxing end to the weekend. With themes. There must be themes.

The inaugural theme for April 10th is "Spring." Fairly vague, a bit mundane, but we're going to have to work up to things like (my pet theme) "Classic Foods of the '50s," and, (thanks Amy Roy) "Picnic on the Beach" (my house is 1 block from the ocean).

Everyone's invited, I'm hoping for some general idea of numbers from the posts on the blog, but a few more or less a month shouldn't be any big deal. So bring your out of town guests, and if you come down with sickness at the last minute, don't worry.

Pot-lucks can be a little too heavy on the luck factor - so the idea is that each person will generally post what they are bringing. Like, "I'm bringing some greens!" or "I'll bring wine." That kind of stuff.

With that in mind, there are plenty of non-food things that the supper club will need, so if you enjoy food but can't cook or buy worth a darn (yes, purchased food-stuffs are ok), here are some ideas:
- music
- offer to help with dishes
- non-alcoholic drinks
- alcoholic ones
- digital camera

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?

Think Spring.


adkcook said…
it sounds fun! I would love to come, alas, I do not see it in my future.
I loved your choco-peanutbutter things, and fun that B was photographed for it! :)
folkie said…
You are forgiven, Jenna. A four hour drive for a pot-luck would be asking a bit much. Home from London?
food fan said…
Count Roger and me (Amy) in. We'll bring dessert. Watch out chocolate lovers!

4 p.m. sounds good to me.
Stef said…
Sounds like a huge party, how much supplies do we need to come fortified with? I will bring enough bread and spread to feed the masses. (Maybe pita if I can convince my mum to make.)

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