Diana Kennedy's From My Mexican Kitchen: Techniques and Ingredients


I just got this book yesterday, having re-found an old gift certificate to Borders (thanks BJ and Kristen!)

Because my love affair with Mexican cuisine seems eternal, it is surprising to me I don't already own her books. But they are pricey, and I tend to check most things out of the library, anyway.

Despite the somewhat unappealing cover, the inside is gorgeous. It lies flat when open. This is so basic for cookbooks, but you don't often see it. The pictures illustrate techniques, tools, and most importantly to me, ingredients. I've seen epazote and culantro so often called for in recipes that I ordered seeds so I could grow them, that seeming to be the only way I was going to get my hands on them - now I see what they are supposed to look like for harvest. Good pictures of peppers, which I like because Shaw's throws them together in a basket labeled "hot peppers." And so on. I am very excited about this book.


Suebob said…
Unappealing cover because it has Diana on it? I don't get it.
folkie said…
Up close she has this weird manic expression, and the way she is smiling , something about the teeth. I feel like she wants to reach out and take a bite out of me.

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