Pink Tacos with Rhubarb Salsa

No pics 'cuz it wasn't until halfway through the meal, when we took a moment to breath after devouring the goodness, that we realized dinner was blog-worthy. So no pics.

I hadn't even set out to make pink tacos, but when I laid the stuff out on the table, I realized how fun it was. Cute. Haven't used the word cute to describe food much, I have to admit, but cute it was.

Pink tacos consisted of:

  • flour tortillas, taco size. Normally I use corn, but I knew my fillings and knew corn would be too much for these babies.
  • turkey. I bought a couple already roasted slices of breast from my fancy-pants prepared food to go counter, then chopped them up. Favorite food cheat ever.
  • red cabbage, sliced fine like for coleslaw or fish tacos, about half of the smallest one I could find, tossed with 2 slim tbl of mayo and the juice of 1/2 lime. Heavily salted, and prepped first so the cabbage could soften and wilt a bit while the rest of dinner was made.
  • pink beans, the canned Goya variety, sauted with a white jalapeno and half a red onion, then smashed a bit to break them open, but not too much to turn them into canned refried texture.
  • rhubarb salsa. Slice five stalks of rhubarb down the center, then chop into half inch pieces. In a heavy saucepan over medium low heat, cook the rhubarb with 2 tbl of good honey, covered. It'll get soft in a few minutes, check it so it doesn't turn to mush. You want your salsa to have texture. Combine with the juice of 1/2 lime, 1 minced white jalapeno (or other favorite pepper, these just happen to be overwhelmingly present in our stores right now and have some good, but mild heat), and the other half of the minced red onion.
  • a couple grated radishes
  • a log o' chevre. I love a bit of cheese on tacos, and I love experimenting with the ingredients and carefully choosing an interesting cheese to match. While chevre is not that unique, it was perfect in combination.
I served slices of fresh pineapple and avocado alongside, and we made an impromptu sangria. If I had been planning the pink theme, a sangria made from rose would've been too cute.

Appearances aside, these tacos were totally delicious.


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