Sausage with peppers and onions, Southwest-style


While eating a really great Philly cheesesteak at the Neptune Diner outside Oneonta, NY, B & I started thinking about how great it would be with mellow spicy peppers instead of bell peppers, then we went on to think about taking the Italian sausage sub and transforming it. So we did. And it was friggin' awesome.

For the two of us, one sub each, we used one very large poblano, two heirloom variety white jalepenos (milder than regular jalepenos, so 1 regular one), 2 fresh chorizo sausages, 2 yellow onions, and 2 sub rolls. B even found sub rolls that had pictures of philly cheese steaks on them and were labelled "steak" rolls. I had no idea such a thing existed.


The whole meal was made in our cast iron pan - first we blacked the peppers, then set them aside while we cooked the onions. Peeled the peppers, removed the seeds and sliced them.


Put the onions and peppers in a bowl on the side, and started cooking the sausage, at the end, added everything back together. We used vegetable oil as needed, mostly for the onions. Piled it all on the buns. Firey, but not too. Mostly roasty smoky and everything you want a good sausage sub to be.



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