SARS tomato

I heard this story on NPR on my way home - tomatoes grown with SARS vaccine built in. I had previously heard about bananas made into vaccine vehicles.

People who know me know I don't like food fucked with. Most especially tomatoes. Can't emphasize how much I don't want my tomatoes messed with. (Sorry, some tomato angst going on here - haven't eaten one not out of a can since late October last year because I just don't buy them at the store. And with the weather so hot, all I can think about is tomatoes. My desert island food.)

But people who know me know I also don't do needles. At all. Not like I need vaccines or anything, but people keep bugging me about my ten years over-due tetanus situation.

For now, the no messing with tomatoes principal wins out over the no needles principal.

When I come down with lockjaw and can't eat tomatoes, we'll talk.


cindym said…
yeah, i'm sorry, but that's just gross. leave the poor tomatoes alone! they're fragile and fleeting enough as it is.

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