Genoa, Italy

(yes, after a 9 year hiatus I am now coming back to this platform to use it as a travel blog! Cuz' I'm a world traveler yo!)

My travel buddy J and I were on the road from the airport in Milan to Montecatini Terme and decided to take the coast route, stopping in Genoa for a snack.

J was a driving champion, negotiating Italian roads and driving and the tunnels on a rainy morning after a night of flying. And with basically no directions we found a parking spot near Centro, parked and were pretty excited to see this:

We ordered sandwiches.

I know it's slightly blurry but this foccacia sandwich with spicy salami and sundried tomatoes was a dream we chased the rest of the week. We became obsessed with this deliciousness. 

The parma ham and cheese focaccia was also delicious. 

We were enormously pleased with our first successful parking experience in Italy. 


advice from the US poet laureate, Charles Simic

In an interview with the New York Times,

What advice would you give to people who are looking to be happy? For starters, learn how to cook.


celebrate February 2nd.

Advice from the best pizza/calzone maker in town, Frank of Savario's:
eat sausage on Ground Hog Day

Finally, a holiday made just for me.

(for the slow: ground . . . hog . . . = sausage)


Status report

sooooo . . . . .

things are slow here. They are always slow during the full-time work/grad school season, but summer usually tends to pick up. It hasn't yet, and it may not. Readers of the folkfood blog are from all over the place, but what I really want to write about is hyperlocal - local eating with a whole lotta links to sources of local food. Not super useful or even entertaining for people not from the Seacoast of NH/ME.

A few other folks requested a Seacoast Eat Local blog. This has come to be, and will be a group blog, authored by many folks with different vantage points in the Seacoast (we're actively recruiting contributors if you want to nominate yourself or someone you know). So - that's where I've been blogging of late.

Things that don't fit over there - and these days, that isn't a whole lot since most of my eating is local eating - will still appear here. Not a wholesale abadonment, just an explanation.


Fundraiser for Farmland

The Great Works Regional Land Trust is having a fund raiser to help preserve a large dairy farm in Berwick. It is very easy to participate - just eat flatbread from Flatbread on Tuesday, May 29th between 4 and 9pm. They will also be having an awesome raffle!

That night we will be raffling off a lobster bake for 10 to be served at beautiful Beach Plum Farm in Ogunquit and accompanied by the Great Works Ramblers. (Redeemable Sept. 29th or 30th).Tickets are $5 each.