Genoa, Italy

(yes, after a 9 year hiatus I am now coming back to this platform to use it as a travel blog! Cuz' I'm a world traveler yo!)

My travel buddy J and I were on the road from the airport in Milan to Montecatini Terme and decided to take the coast route, stopping in Genoa for a snack.

J was a driving champion, negotiating Italian roads and driving and the tunnels on a rainy morning after a night of flying. And with basically no directions we found a parking spot near Centro, parked and were pretty excited to see this:

We ordered sandwiches.

I know it's slightly blurry but this foccacia sandwich with spicy salami and sundried tomatoes was a dream we chased the rest of the week. We became obsessed with this deliciousness. 

The parma ham and cheese focaccia was also delicious. 

We were enormously pleased with our first successful parking experience in Italy. 


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