Montreal, October 2017

Meat on vertical rotisseries always grabs our attention, because it is usually delicious, cheap, and not easily available where we live. Restaurant Boustan was a quick walk from our hotel and perfect for a late night meal when we first arrived, starving, for a long weekend of eating, drinking, and gymnastics in Montreal. 

We ordered a vegetarian platter, which included possibly the best eggplant ever, astoundingly good lemony roasted potatoes, super fresh tabouleh, and a surprising/not-surprising-for-Montreal giant glob of mayo.

We also got the combo pita - beef and chicken schwarma with veggies, including those delicious red pickled .. turnips? (Root vegetables of some kind - do you know? Please share!)

The meat was crispy and juice and so tasty. After assembling the pita, it was griddled for a bit, giving the pita some crispiness in places, too.

Boustan for the win. 


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