Barone's Steak Shack, round 1


Driving home trying to think what to cook for dinner on an already growly stomach, I passed by this shack. It has been recently erected, sometime in the past couple weeks, and we have been tracking its progress in regards to being open. So slamming on the brakes and causing a near accident when I saw the open flag out was a no brainer - dinner's done.

They have quite an expansive steak menu, and the prices are great. $6 for a regular 8" steak and cheese, $7 for a 10". No sides to speak of, some bags of chips. They do offer fountain sodas. Also on their menu (which we have yet to try) are things called chicken steaks, with the same vast topping offerings. I'll report back when I know more, but that will be a couple trips hence as next time we will definitely be sampling the Italian sausages. Things I probably won't try for a while to come but which are also offered are hot dogs and hamburgers. Back to the steak -

I got a nacho jalepeno steak sandwich for myself and a MegaLoaded for B, which turned out to be mushrooms, peppers, and onions with cheese. They have cheese choices, which I like. Their peppers are actually red and sweet, not green bell, which I really really like but B could've gone for the more authentic green bell. The cheese is ample, the steak shaved. When I picked my sandwiches up off the shack's counter, the kid behind it said, "You're going to need a lot of napkins" and handed me an inch thick stack. Grease was already leaking through the paper wrapping and paper sleave. Fortunately, we didn't eat right away and I let them sit on paper, which seemed to drain away at least the surface grease. Not that I don't enjoy a little grease with my cheese steak.

These are very good cheese steaks. They don't shove me over the edge into cheese steak ecstasy, but they are the best in this area.

Barone's Steak Shack
Rte 1, Rye (just north of Breakfast Hill Road)
open 11am - 7pm Sun - Thurs, 11am - 9pm Friday and Saturday


Anonymous said…
I just tried the steak shack yesterday and it was great! I tried the buffalo chicken cheesesteak -- which is like having hot wings in a sandwich. I, too, still need to try the Italian sausages, so I will be back. I saw their hours have changed to be open until 9pm each night which is convenient for late summer dinners. Cute place!
Steak Nazi said…
I just wanted to thank everyone who came to the steak shack this summer. Met a lot of nice folks and enjoyed cooking for everyone. It was a great 1st season with (hopefully) many more come.

Any suggestions, comments or thoughts please let me know, I enjoy all feedback, good and bad. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said…
I adore the subs at Barone's. I hate to admit I crave them unlike any other local pizza or sub shop. Unfortunately, it must be said that their food quality is inconsistant. Sometimes the subs are out of this world and sometimes they are just good. The french fries were recently changed to shoestring and are not always fresh and hot when I get them. But the Onion Rings are divine...ALWAYS.

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