Indian Finds

On a recent trip to the Spice Center in Manchester, I picked up a couple fun, crazy inexpensive things. The highlights were Indian ramen and Indian soda.

indian ramen

Indian ramen is just what it sounds like: ramen, only Indian flavors instead of Asian ones. I chose this 'masala' flavored one because of the line on the packaging: "Now with Taste Bhi and Health Bhi." Because, you know, we all need our daily Bhi.


The taste is pretty indescribable. A bit bitter and sour, the manufacturer's website says "Sosyo is a cider-type fruit type drink made of a heady apple and grape cocktail that packs quite a punch"
I really can't say it tasted like any of those things. Not as strongly flavored as Moxie, it still had that twang, that certain something that I like in my carbonated beverages.

The best part about the Spice Center is that everything is so dang inexpensive that there's no real risk in buying things. Everything I've purchased has been successful, each time I go I get a little more adventurous.

Of course, its all the polar opposite of eating locally. Moderation in all things except gluttony.


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