rhubarb milkshakes

rhubarb milkshakes
Originally uploaded by plentyo'moxie.
I have found rhubarb's calling in life.

Simmer with a little water and honey for a bit, whir in the blender for a bit, then if you're ready, add ice cream.

I chugged mine.


Anonymous said…
So simmer til the rhu is tender, would you say? I told Niver about this & he just said, "Rhubarb already has a calling: Into pie & then into my stomach." I have never known him to turn down anything with that gorgeous stalky plant though, so I may try this out! Bet Zoe would be game, too!
plentyo'moxie said…
yup - i bring to a boil them simmer for 10 minutes - basically, till its way past tender - with lots o' honey.

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