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Eat Drink Make Movie: Hollywood's Next Course - New York Times

The New York Times had an article this week talking about foodie movies in the works, as well as looking at what makes a foodie movie work, and why they're so popular. For me its the fact that I can't *always* be eating or cooking, so things like talking about food, reading about food, and the rare but usually pleasurable watching people eat, cook, and talk about food come into play. And they give proper homage to the best foodie movie, containing the best scene, of all time: Big Night.


Mycroft said…
The article does not mention what may be a really great food movie comming out in 2007, "Ratatouille" by Pixar/Disney. The preview made it fantastic. It may not be as profound as "Big Night" but it may at least make us foodies laugh at ourselves and help the young folks become foodies.

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