Thanksgiving is coming -

100 Mile Diet: Local Eating for Global Change - Talk local turkey

and this might be the perfect time trying out some local-ness if you haven't already. Think about it: the meal is inherently locally source-able because we live where it was invented when most foods were local. Most people spend extra time planning and shopping for this meal.

This sunday (Nov 12th) Seacoast Slow Food is having a demo local Thanksgiving - 5:30pm at the Tyco Center at Strawbery Banke - all are invited.

Some other stores are turning out to be good sources of local foods: The Durham Marketplace (long-standing supporter of local farmers), Portsmouth Health Food Store has a lot of local products, ie butter, eggs, bread, etc. Philbrick's Fresh Market has more than a couple items that have really just surprised me - who knew there was middle eastern yogurt being made out of Sunrise Farms in Exeter? (excellent in mashed potatoes or creamed spinach)

what other sources are there for local foods after the farmers' markets have closed? let me know here or use the wiki:


Anonymous said…

-the mad farmer
Lisa said…
We are giving away a free cookbook to anyone who asks from now through Thanksgiving at

Would you pass the word around? Thanks!
Holly said…
how long do you do the challenge for?
plentyo'moxie said…
the thanksgiving thing was just that meal - but the challenge is self-imposed so for however long you want - I also did all of August (easier time of year, for sure.)

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