Eat Local Challenge: Dairy


My milk hasn't changed, it's from Harris Farm in Dayton, Maine (about 28 miles). I usually buy this milk because of the environmentally happy packaging - reusable glass bottles take a lot less water to clean than the recycling of plastic jugs - and because of the flavor. This milk is so sweet!

The eggs are from a local farm stand, in this case, Kellie Brook Farm in Greenland, NH on rte 33 (5 miles).

My butter used to be Cabot, which is made by a farmer's cooperative in Montpelier, VT. Just outside my 100 mile range, though many of the farmers are within the range. Then again, many are even further away. So today I am trying Woodstock Farms organic butter, out of Dayville, CT (94 miles).

I also picked out some cheeses while picking up my milk and butter. Lord knows I'm going to miss my smelly european cheeses this month. One is an old favorite, Great Hill Blue, a nice crumbly all purpose blue from Marion, MA (83 miles). The other is new to me, a fresh chevre flavored with roasted garlic from Valley View in Topsfield, MA (25 miles).

I picked up some sausages from Kellie Brook while I was there, and only later did it occur to me that these sausages, made out of homegrown local pigs, contain some far-flung spices. I think that is nit-picking, but it points out for me the kind of depth this project/experiment/challenge can get to.


Brian W said…
Since moving to New Hampshire I've had no idea where to go for great fresh & local foods. I'm now bookmarking all your wonderful sources to plan my shopping for the week. Unfortunately I'm further west, in Concord, so some of your faves fall slightly outside of the boundaries for me :)

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for documenting the process.
plentyo'moxie said…
If you are into wine, and don't mind spending a bit o' money once in a while on a nice evening out, I hear 55 Degrees is a great restaurant in Concord. I haven't yet been, but have received great recommendations. Also, check out the Chowhounds New England Message Board - they are pretty active all over NH.

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