eat_local_large_recEat Local Challenge: Finding Aides

Made me some maps to help me figure out where farms are in relation to the 100 miles. The one on top is just a really old road map that I did up to get the big picture - it's hard to find New England maps that are just one sided - usually Maine is stuck on the back, as is the case with the bottom one. But I needed that one, too, actually more, because it is detailed in its town name labelling.

This was some old-fashioned string and pencil work on paper maps, and will be very good for taking with me to the store. We are lucky here in New England to have so many small farms that make good stuff, but I am unlucky in that I am not really from here and am not intimately familiar with the geography. I can definitely already see the looks of curiosity I will get when I whip out my maps and unfold them on the floor, desperately seeking the names of towns off of labels.



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