The French Chef with Julia Child Drinking Game

take a swig:
  • everytime she says 'butter.' Everytime.
  • everytime she forgets something in the oven, it burns, and she pretends nothing's wrong.
  • everytime she makes a flimsy argument about calories or dieting. Like letting you know potatoes have only 70 calories each then adding two cups of cream and 6 tbl of butter to said potato dish
  • everytime she almost injures herself in demonstrating some safety thing. Like putting her knife over her wrist or waving her arms around boiling pots of oil.
We've had this dvd series on our Netflix queue for a while, but we saw it at the local library so decided to get it there instead.

Please don't get me wrong. I adore the woman. I worship her. And she did what is really never done now - a non-stop cooking show, without even commercial breaks, in one take. Before cooking shows were a dime a dozen. God love her.

Just make sure no one needs to drive home after.


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