New Location Open - Joe's New York Pizza

Their fourth location is now open, on Lafayette in Portsmouth, where Seacoast Pizza used to be, next to the cigar store, and not more than a stone's throw from my house. Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

I like Joe's NY pizza - sometimes I am craving other pizza, Gepetto's and Savario's come to mind. But sometimes this exactly hits the spot. Especially if I'm driving home and starving and food has to happen NOW! There's always a good selection of slices ready to go.

This new location is already delivering, though it is still waiting for its fry-o-later. Yep. Once said fry-o-later comes in, there will be wings! Let us all get our hopes up that they will be great and they will be new yorker wings. (On a side note, I ate fairly decent wings at Jack Quigly's in Portsmouth last night. Good. They've moved up to the not-at-all-competative spot of best in the seacoast.)

open 11-9 (later on Friday and Saturday)
2968 Lafayette Road


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