Does NOT Contain Spinach

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Because it somehow is inherently spinach that is the e. coli problem, right? Erm . . .

This is a camera phone pick from Philbrick's Fresh Market in Portsmouth - all the bagged salad was labeled like this, even though the USDA has given the all clear. [Philbrick's actually does a decent job carrying locally produced goods - today I found tortillas from Brentwood, NH and yogurt from Exeter, NH! They don't do a great job labeling these products as local, or highlighting them. They also don't do a great job buying or selling local produce.]


YouWho said…
I agree, it's really too bad how this is going to affect the spinach growers. Spinach, at least in its baby variety, had final attained a state of consumer-consciousness-coolness, and now this is going to take years for them to get over and win back the public.

How can we help? How about everytime we buy a bag of spinach, we buy two?

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