One fried food door closes, another opens . . .

The sad: I returned to Newmarket to see what became of my beloved Wheelies onion rings when Mama Lena's took over that spot. Alas, the cornmeal encrusted, tender, sweet, hand-made beauties are gone. As is the roast beef. I cannot attest to Mama Lena's, I was only after those onion rings.

The glad: The Coat of Arms now offers all you can eat wings for $5 on Friday nights from 4-7pm. They are not at all spicy. They are, however, very crispy, which is just as, if not more, important. IE, I can eat crispy weak-flavored wings, I cannot eat flabby wings, unless they are incredibly spot on in flavor and spice (and in which case I would probably just lick them, not actually eat them.) They also offer barbecue flavor, sticky sweet and totally good.


Does NOT Contain Spinach

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Because it somehow is inherently spinach that is the e. coli problem, right? Erm . . .

This is a camera phone pick from Philbrick's Fresh Market in Portsmouth - all the bagged salad was labeled like this, even though the USDA has given the all clear. [Philbrick's actually does a decent job carrying locally produced goods - today I found tortillas from Brentwood, NH and yogurt from Exeter, NH! They don't do a great job labeling these products as local, or highlighting them. They also don't do a great job buying or selling local produce.]