A couple Seacoast NH restaurant notes -

  • Something called "Tavern on the Rocks" will be opening in the old Spuds location on rte 1 in Rye. "Coming Soon!"
  • AK's opened in Jack Quigley's old space in Portsmouth. We went three days after opening, to a limited menu. Pretty standard bar fare, pretty standard bar overall.
  • KNR, which was what opened when the owners closed 43 Degrees North last May, closed with about a week's notice. The petty part of me is happy because I really liked 43, and I didn't like KNR. The bigger part of me really wonders what will happen with that space.


YouWho said…
Ha, my petty side totally agrees with you! I went to KNR twice and it really bugged me that the credit card receipt still said "43 North".

I heard a rumor that the Green Monkey people were considering opening a second restaurant in the space, but what they wanted for rent was unreasonable, and so instead something unrelated to food was going in. Too bad such a beautiful bar is going to go to waste.

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