local enough

They won't be anywhere near as amazing as New Roots Farm tomatoes in the summer, but at 129 miles, these hydroponically grown 'maters might make my winter diet a bit healthier - coming to Hannaford soon, Backyard Beauties.

While I'm waiting for someone to do an energy analysis about heating & lighting giant greenhouses in Maine in the winter v. trucking things in from California (though taste has been one of the bigger reasons I just don't eat winter tomatoes) I think I'll defrost some of my summer pesto and pick up some Silvery Moon Creamery fresh mozzerella. Local caprese in NH in the winter. Go figure.

found via the Maine Foods Network


New Roots said…
Aww, shucks. It's folks like you that put a smile on our faces during the long winter months & infuse our produce with vibrancy & love during the growing season :-)

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