local enough

They won't be anywhere near as amazing as New Roots Farm tomatoes in the summer, but at 129 miles, these hydroponically grown 'maters might make my winter diet a bit healthier - coming to Hannaford soon, Backyard Beauties.

While I'm waiting for someone to do an energy analysis about heating & lighting giant greenhouses in Maine in the winter v. trucking things in from California (though taste has been one of the bigger reasons I just don't eat winter tomatoes) I think I'll defrost some of my summer pesto and pick up some Silvery Moon Creamery fresh mozzerella. Local caprese in NH in the winter. Go figure.

found via the Maine Foods Network


da bears

me at Soldier Field
I am a lifelong Bears fan. So this coming Sunday is a pretty big deal, the first big deal Superbowl in 21 years.

But it isn't New Orleans or even Chicago I wish I were going to be viewing the game from this Sunday. This Sunday, I'll be wishing I were in Buffalo.

People in Buffalo understand football, but they also understand bar food. Yes, the wings are that much better. The Anchor Bar doesn't rest on its laurels, and its influence is awesome to ingest. The worst wings in Buffalo are better than any I've had in NH. So then you've got your leftover blue cheese dip, and brilliantly they dip the pizza crusts into said blue cheese.

Pizza and wings are really Buffalo's specialties, but there is a healthy bar culture there. A big part of that is the design of the city, with neighborhoods all over the place and thus neighborhood bars.

I'm not sure what I'll be eating this Sunday, but I think I'll take the week off from my never-ending quest for acceptable wings. Maybe some hot dogs.

A couple Seacoast NH restaurant notes -

  • Something called "Tavern on the Rocks" will be opening in the old Spuds location on rte 1 in Rye. "Coming Soon!"
  • AK's opened in Jack Quigley's old space in Portsmouth. We went three days after opening, to a limited menu. Pretty standard bar fare, pretty standard bar overall.
  • KNR, which was what opened when the owners closed 43 Degrees North last May, closed with about a week's notice. The petty part of me is happy because I really liked 43, and I didn't like KNR. The bigger part of me really wonders what will happen with that space.


Andy's Greens CSA

Andy's Greens in York Harbour, ME is offering a limited number of shares for a CSA for the 2007 season. Not just greens. Certified organic. Check it out.