It ain't food

But it's most definitely folk.

I can't say enough how much I am loving Springsteen's new album of Seeger covers (which are themselves covers of folk songs - gotta love the folk process), created over the course of three days in a house, 1 take per song. Not only the songs themselves, the instrumentals, Springsteen's voice lending itself naturally, the other singers, the styling, but the whole process rocks my party world. Definitely worth it to own. And tour dates have been announced, though tickets for the two places I would go aren't on sale yet.

[Thanks to Dr. G$ for clueing me in that this thing I've heard about in the background noise of NPR and the web is something I may actually want to focus intense intention on.]


Anonymous said…
Hey PoM,
I was riding up to a Fowler meeting last night w/ your mom & she was waxing poetic about her talented kids. She told me about your cool blog, so I was just checking it out this morning. Good stuff!
I'm posting under the Bruce/Pete post 'cause just this weekend Z & I bought Niver this very album for his birthday. It's quite excellent.
Anyway, just wanted to drop by & say hey. If you e-mail me (hmmooreniver [at] berk [dot] com) I'll send you a link to some of our sugaring pictures. We had quite a little set up at Niver's folks house & made about 5 gallons.

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