More Local Eating

Although our own effort will really concentrate in August, we buy and eat locally produced foods as much as possible year-round. The Locavores are doing a May challenge this year, and these crazy kids ate within 100 miles for a year in Vancouver. They have a great site with a lot of clear and to the point info, for those wondering what the fuss is all about.

My favorite quick line, "Let's rebuild the family farm, stop burning oil to move our food around, and remember what good eating is all about."


Pyewacket said…
Hi! Thanks for your comment on the seasonal cook - didn't know how else to respond. I'm planning for late June for two reasons. The first is that I'm renting a cottage with friends for a week right smack in the middle of August (on an organic farm - I can't wait). I want to have more freedom in my cooking that week. I'm also itching for a project a.s.a.p., so I want to get started. But I might do the last two weeks of August.

I see you also have a librarian blog. I've just started library school myself. We seem to have a lot in common!

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