Fall dinner series @ Flag Hill

[via Kreblog]

Flag Hill, along with chef Ted McCormack, will be introducing a new style of dinners in the Ferguson-Davis Dining Room beginning Thursday, October 5, 2006. These four course dinners will feature a Regional New England Cuisine, the vast majority of the ingredients coming from local farms and producers. As a company, Flag Hill has always strived to feature and support local artisians, products, organizations, agriculture, and business. It is with this idea that together Flag Hill and chef Ted McCormack present a schedule of dinners at the Ferguson-Davis Dining Room that focus on the wonderful and varied flavor of foods that can be procured locally, sometimes right in your own back yard.

Menus and format are soon to follow. Reservations will be accepted once the dinner menu for that date has been posted online. The general schedule through December will be:

October: Every Thursday at 6:00

November: Every Friday and Saturday at 6:00

December: Every Friday and Saturday at 6:00

The added emphasis is mine. One of the big reasons B and I got married there was this very commitment of theirs to supporting other local agricultural businesses where and when they could. I'll be most interested to see how this actually plays out.


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