Word of the day: Gourmeh

I've been looking for a new word, a word I can use on a daily basis, a word that sums up something trying to be more than what it is and in doing so becomes less that what it was, and in terms of food, gourmeh does it for me.

From the Wired story whence it came:

Croissants become more like dinner rolls. Burger chains talk up their "Angus beef" where "Angus" is apparently Latin for "indistinguishable from the other stuff." You start getting sandwiches where the bread is laced with green speckles and topped with white powder, but these may as well be confetti and sawdust for all they add to the flavor. I have a word for food that tries to look like something you'd get at the queen's birthday dinner but tastes like something you'd poke holes in before you microwave it: gourmeh.


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