New Kid On the Block: Popovers on the Square, Portsmouth

I haven't tried it yet, and won't be able to until the Seacoast Eat Local Challenge is over (though B and I are vaguely considering just keeping on going - I would demand a little relaxation of our rules), but we walked in and looked around a bit anyway.

It's shiny. Very shiny and neat and appealing to masses, totally put together in a polished fashion. It's right next to the church, in the new building, and its got a wide berth of outdoor seating. Which I love.

We picked up a flyer with a menu; there are several things I want to try (here's their website, but at the time of this writing it was their logo and nothing more). The popovers with maple butter, for one. The turkey & bacon terrine also appeals. There's assorted breakfast pastries, salads, sandwiches, a cheese plate. They are part of the John Tinios baby-empire, so serve Galley Hatch desserts.

Also of note: we noticed a full bar. The outdoor seating isn't really sequestered, so I'm not sure about drinking outdoors. The menu also mentions wines.

Anyone tried it out yet?


YouWho said…
I popped in there yesterday to check it out for lunch. I was a little confused by what sort of place it is... is it like a Panera or a Belle Peppers or a BNG or a table service place? I had a hard time deciphering where I might order a sandwich, and there seemed to be only a few lunch-like items on the board. It seemed much more about desserts. Then I noticed that it looked like it was table service, not order-and-then-sit. I wasn't up for eating at table service alone, so I left.

One disappointment -- The whole five minutes I was there wandering around, not a single staff member spoke to me nor even turned around from their conversation at the counter to greet me. Ileft not really compelled to go back anytime soon.
Kreblog said…
Speaking of reviews, have you played around with Yelp yet?

It kind of gets addictive after awhile... although lately the reviews have felt like reading MySpace: "BEST BREAKFEST EVER!!! (5 stars)".

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