I have yet another gross food love to confess, although to many of you this is no secret: I love Slush Puppies. With lots and lots of extra syrup. So that they are so acidic-ly sweet you can feel your teeth dissolve. And the color starts to become a purpley brown.

Problem is, you just don't see the ones where you get to add your own syrup (and thus surreptitiously add 8 extra squirts) around here much anymore. They're all premixed at gas stations, or Slurpees at 7-11 (not the same at all. Don't even go there.) It had been many a year since I was able to indulge in this unique treat, so long ago Ace and I were just the other day reminiscing. I was complaining about the lack of Slush Puppies on the Seacoast and he was again making fun of my Slush Puppie eating style. Good times.

So when I saw those magic words, and spotted the magic bottles, at yet another failed attempt to eat at the Surfside Hot Dog Shoppe (another story for another day), I knew I'd be back in a flash - it seemed like fate.

Today was that day. Today I saw the open sign, and went for it. This was a big risk - the machine and syrups are inside the place, the customers are outside looking in through window screening. There was no way I could surreptitiously add 8 extra squirts.

I went for it anyway, so strong was my desire for a Slush Puppie. "What flavor?" the twit asked. "Blue and green mixed," I answered. The twit didn't bat an eyelash. Maybe that was because she wasn't paying any attention to me, engaged in full conversation with two other co-workers. But in a minute one of these said co-workers handed me my Slushie, and I knew I was in.

Just from the color I could tell they gave me full strength of each flavor. That's double the amount of flavor syrup it should have. It was glowing. And the taste? Just as good as I remember.


Damn it feels great to be nostalgic about something, be able to recreate that thing, and have it be as good as you remember.

Surfside Hot Dog Shoppe, I am still confused about your open v closed-ness, and when you cook hotdogs v only having ice cream. But from now on, whenever I drive by (which is really often, this is actually the closest business to my house, only 2 minutes), or bike by, or walk by, I will be hardpressed not to stop and get a double, or maybe a triple-flavored Slush Puppie.

Good times.


Ace, Mover said…
Go for the 8 flavor! These kids are probably getting minimum wage, what the hell do they care how much you get for your $x.

... and then I will make gagging noises as I remember back to that day in the grill when I tasted that noxious concotion... the horror... I think I might have permanently killed some taste buds...

HEY! Maybe that's what killed red wine for me... GREAT.. thanks!

Ready to Move.
Ace, Mover said…
I now have an account!
plentyo'moxie said…
Go ahead - blame me for your pathetically weak taste buds. Somehow I have managed to retain a sophisticated palate . . . (As I sip my second slushie in two days - orange and purple today).
Ace, Mover said…
... pathetically weak! You know my taste buds are not pathetically weak! How dare you!

It is just that the combination of my body chemistry, the lasting effects of the noxious chemicals of the slushie, and red wine... just does not mix.
Ace, Mover said…
And link my blog to your blog, dammit.

Ready to Move.
plentyo'moxie said…
Oh! The body chemisty excuse is trumped out yet another time! I do admit these slushies have more than their share of chemicals. And your blog is linked.
plentyo'moxie said…
that would be "trounced" not trumped. Trounced out yet another time. Shit. Exchanging jabs in writing is not easy. You win, you win.
Ace, Mover said…
Muahahaha... I win by default.

Still a win!

Ready to Move! (Countdown: 3 hours 21 minutes 23 seconds)

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