A $20 check-out line impulse buy at Big Lots, and we are now the proud owners of a Rival electric ice cream maker. Once we were the proud owners of a Rival blender, purchased in similar fashion at Walgreen's. So I know this thing isn't going to last. My eyes are wide open this time. But for some hot fun in the summertime, it's perfect. And as Amy pointed out, we can see if we're actually going to use it before investing in a good one.

We busted open the packaging in the parking lot so we could shop for ingredients before heading home - raspberry sherbet. We bought frozen raspberries, though they are in high season here, because of some seriously flawed thinking. We thought we could speed up the process, despite the totally unfrozen freezer gel disc thingie. Unfortunately, frozen raspberries are not easy to push through a sieve. But lesson learned. 10 oz raspberries, 1 cup cream, lots of sugar and some lemon juice. We couldn't make it right away (duh), so we ended up putting most of the contraption in the freezer. It was delicious, a definate do-over.

Butter pecan ice cream was my first test recipe for The Good Home Cookbook(my next two assignments are home-made mayo, ok, and catalina dressing, bleck! two cups of it!). It came out well, and was fairly simple. If I were making it again for myself, I would candy the pecans before adding them. Heighten their flavor, create some nice crunch, break up that homemade ice cream too creamy mouthfeel. Again, a bit of putting the whole contraption in the freezer, but much less of that. There's a lot of down time to ice cream making, so although from start to eating ice cream was about 2 hours, only 30 minutes of that involved doing anything. Easy peasy.


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