Space Meat

ya know, kind of like space ice cream.

Edible meat grown in labs. For human consumption.

And we thought genetically modified tomatoes were scary . . .

My favorite quote:
"The challenge is getting the texture right," says Matheny. "We have to figure out how to 'exercise' the muscle cells. For the right texture, you have to stretch the tissue, like a live animal would."
New Harvest is the non-profit that is hoping this will solve world hunger. I love the pic of rolling fields of grain.



Kris said…
See to me, what's the difference? If it is possible to grow meat, not a meat substitute, but actual meat off an animal without the animal ... why not?

Is it weird? Sure it is. But so is eating live baby octopus, and I love that.
plentyo'moxie said…
Where/when did you have live baby octopus? Where was I?

I was dissapointed that the space meat would actually be meat. I wanted it to be the equivalent of astronaut ice cream. Weirdly freeze dried.
Kris said…
It was at Taipei & Tokyo back in the days when you were a football gypsy and I was eating sushi every day of my life.

The little tentacles moved around in my mouth. Totally weird but fun experience.

Meat, if it tastes and feels just like meat from an animal, that doesn't have to come from a real animal with all the environmental impacts of raising that animal... and nothing has to die to get... seems like a perfect situation. Same great taste, less mess.

Plus a whole bunch of vegetarians would no longer have an excuse to starve themselves on beans and lettuce.

And then we get to be meat snobs and only eat REAL meat, at $40/lb ... which you have to admit, would be cool even if it was pricey. "Oh yes, I had a steak from a real cow this weekend. It was so decadent."

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