New Food Review: Wolfgang Puck's Gourmet French Vanilla Latte in the New Self Heating Can!

Addendum: Over at MAKE, they tore one of these apart - see fun pics are read about science-y stuff and their ideas for hacks of the self heating can. Most fun trivia: R&D on the can took 7 years and $24 million.

Because we never learn our lessons, even the hard way, B and I are suckers for new foods. I probably could have passed this one by, but since it was a food that also included a gizmo, and involved really complicated instructions for opening, B stuck it in the cart.

I'll give you the taste review first, further on is the play by play in pics:

(intone cheezy announcer voice)
If you like Starbuck's Frappuccino Coffee Drinks, but wish they were luke warm, you'll LOVE Wolfgang Puck's self heated latte thingies.

They taste pretty much exactly the same. Which is to say, not very good. Unless you like sugary milk with a shot of coffee syrup. In which case you'll love this.

And with a price tag of $2.99 for 10 oz, I won't be purchasing another one ever. Not even for novelty value while phony camping.

Over at Wolfgang Puck's site, a movie about how it works! (140F my butt.)

Here is B reading the really long and complicated instructions
(steps 1 through 3 are handily written upside down on the can.)


Here B is activating the chemical reaction:


The spot on the can turns from pink to white when it is hot.


Here B is reading all the warnings, which take up a full 1" column down the entire side of the can, and include such mysteries as "Consume beverage from container. DO NOT POUR OUT." As well as the standard and expected, "IN CASE OF ACCIDENTAL CONTACT FLUSH WITH WATER FOR 15 MINTUES" (capitalization theirs, not mine."


The spot is white! Time to face the music.


Here B is reacting to his first sip. That is his expression bemused disgust.



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